I am not lubricating during sex.

I feel I don’t lubricate during sexual intercourse. Penetration is hence uncomfortable and sometimes, even painful. What should I do?”

Nadine, 42 y.o

Dr Sandrine answers:

Tips to deal with vaginal dryness

  1. First of all, consult your doctor to assess possible organic etiologies or medication’s secondary effects
  2. Don’t be ashamed of using lubricants
  3. Prolong foreplay
  4. Tell your partner what you like and don’t like
  5. Exercise and eliminate your stress through relaxing therapies as massage and yoga
  6. Make sure you are getting 7 hours of sleep
  7. Make love regularly
  8. Opt for a healthy lifestyle (balance your diet, increase your water intake, stop smoking, decrease alcohol consumption)
  9. Pamper yourself
  10. Be active in bed and develop your fantasies