Discover our vaginismus program

We are very happy and proud to have finally launched our first program on the Metle Metlik Digital platform.

We started with the topic of Vaginismus because as doctors in the field of reproductive and sexual medicine we both know how common this condition really is.

Vaginismus is the involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles, that cause painful or impossible intercourse. It’s a taboo in most couples, causing severe distress and shame. It is therefore crucial to help these women have a pain free sexual life.

Our program is composed of more than 3hours of pre recorded videos, that will help women understand their body, embrace their sexuality and treat their vaginismus step by step using different techniques.

We also provide reflective PDF to help them analyze their fears and reflect on their sexuality in general.

While we embark on this journey to treat vaginismus, we are also preparing other programs for women all along their life cycles.