Discover our vaginismus program

We are very happy and proud to have finally launched our first program on the Metle Metlik Digital platform. We started with the topic of Vaginismus because as doctors in the field of reproductive and sexual medicine we both know how common this condition really is. Vaginismus is the involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles, …

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صحتي الجنسية الأنثوية

اكتشفي في هذه الرزنامة ٢٠ فيديو و بودكاست معي ومع د. غيال، للإجابة على تساؤلاتك حول صحتك الجنسية⁠ إضغطي على الصورة، حملي الرزنامة واضغطي على الموضوع الذي يهمك. لاستعمال أسهل، افتحي الملف على دسكتوب⁠

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Vaginismus, unbreakable fortress

By the means of involuntary contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, vaginismus forbids any attempt of vaginal penetration (finger, tampon, speculum, penis) and is therefore a sexual disorder that affects many couples, especially at procreation stage.  This disorder is actually not incompatible with a pleasurable sex life (penetration kept aside), which can sometimes be satisfactory …

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